Learning by exploring

I'm new to LiveJournal, and I'm trying to find my way around it. I've journaled for years, so I thought it might be fun to journal in an interactive format. Don't know if I'll get any comments or not, but hey, I still love to journal, even if it's just for me. As for leaving comments? I can't resist. So I'll be popping up here and there with comments. Depending on the post I'll be commenting on, I will be witty (I hope it doesn't fall flat), serious, encouraging, opinionated, or ......who knows? Anyway, for good or for bad, it'll be real. I often make an ass of myself, unfortunately, but like I said, I can't resist putting my 2 cents in if it's a post that catches my interest.

I was born in a small Colorado town, and I've spent long portions of time living in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, and am now happily living in the DFW area. I grew up skiing and swimming, camping, fishing, and rock hopping in the creeks near my home in CO. I know wind chill factors of -40F and summer temperatures of 122F. I know dry and I know humid. I am somewhat more introverted than extroverted but I'm close to the "line" that separates them. I'm more right-brained than left. I majored in Spanish, and taught the language in high schools as my career. I really have no "favorites" in terms of music, movies, books, colors, etc. I can't narrow myself down like that because I like so many of all of them. I'm random, I tend to follow rabbit trails when I work, and I get very upset at being interrupted when I'm really focused on something. I try like crazy to be organized, scheduled, and disciplined, and I fail miserably all of the time. I prefer to go to bed around 2-3 a.m., and wake up 8-10 hours later. The way my family and the world work, I don't really get to follow that schedule like I'd like to. OK. Moving on.....